Red-wine-stained teeth are a short-term and long-term problem. While drinking red wine frequently, it causes your teeth to become a purple tint in the short term. Hence, the long-term consequences may permanently discolor your teeth.

It isn’t solely due to alcohol; numerous meals cause lasting tooth damage. Besides, red wine consumers frequently suffer from wine teeth or wine mouth. Continue reading for some techniques to prevent the development of wine teeth and some ways from restoring the damage already done by red wine.

Here are some strategies for mitigating the short-term impacts. Therefore, before you look for a personalised white wine bottle, let’s know the tips.

Using a Toothbrush

We wish you do it regardless. Hence, it’s a good idea to wash your teeth 30 minutes before you start drinking red wine. This teeth plaque can accumulate on your teeth during the day. For the plaque, the wine may “stick” to your teeth.

This means the teeth will be in touch with the wine for a more extended time. So, it might result in deeper stains on the teeth. Do not clean your teeth IMMEDIATELY after a glass of wine. Wine is acidic, which can cause tooth enamel to wear away.

Toothpaste is also acidic, which may do more harm than good. Instead, wait around 30 minutes after consuming wine before brushing your teeth.

Drink Water

A glass of water in between sips of wine might be beneficial in more ways than one! This glass of water might assist in relieving wine headaches. But it can also help with wine teeth.

Drinking a glass of water or simply moving it around in your tongue will help to remove some of the wine’s acidity. This water also aids in saliva production, which helps to wash your mouth of the wine. So, you may use either ordinary or sparkling water – whichever you choose!

Include Some Food

Cheese and an engraved wine bottle already go well together! However, did you know that pairing wine with cheese might help avoid wine teeth? Eating while drinking a glass of red wine is excellent for reducing wine tooth stains.

Your mouth will naturally create saliva when you eat. When it’s in your mouth, the saliva will break down the wine. Because of the ongoing saliva production, the wine will be less time to stain.

Wine Wipes

These are a quick and easy way to get rid of wine teeth. These wipes work quickly to erase red wine stains from your teeth. They have a pleasant flavor and might aid in removing the initial stains.

They are also ideal for folks who are constantly on the move. Just throw a couple of these in your bag, and you’re set to go! What if you already have stains on your teeth?

Baking Soda

It has excellent natural bleaching powers! One teaspoon of this baking soda and two tablespoons of water have required. Make a paste out of this and clean your teeth with it.

These are similar to regular toothpaste but are typically more effective in whitening teeth. You may apply a couple of times each week to help eliminate persistent tooth stains and any new ones that may have appeared.


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