If you need to do smaller practices, then a standalone software might be suitable for you. It just starts out and it doesn’t have multiple specialties or patient population. When your IT team sets up the Electronic Health Record (HER) on your individual servers, you look after upgrades it personally at any time the software provider offers an update.

For example, a module is for choosing the correct “ICD-10” code or to deal with the new policy. Besides, many organizations are switching to cloud-based EHR and using cloud based medical software. No matter they’re small or large in size; they’ll get benefit from obviously. So, let’s know some reasons to choose a cloud-based EHR.

Keeping Costs Down & Circumvent Rate Hikes

When you choose an EHR service of cloud-based, you’ll need lower expenses to operate your business. Such as, you’ll be less dependable in your IT department. So, if you were working by hiring or outsourcing your tasks, can don’t need to continue with the third party.

Also, you probably will be able to manage your present fee schedule when others are working without using a cloud solution. Those who are not using cloud solution they need to face the issue of increasing rates.

Providing Better Access to Patients’ Data

If you’re busy doctors or nurses, you can enjoy better access to the patients’ data while using a cloud-based EHR. Doctors can provide their service regardless of they’re in the hospital or on vacation. That means if they have desired to provide service to their patients, they can do it from anywhere and at any time.

It’s because they can run the app on their smartphone or smart device along with PC and laptop. This is just possible when you’re using a cloud-based solution for EHR.

Sharing Data Gets Easier

A patient or medical staff can share their patients’ data with other physicians or consultants when there is an emergency. This is just possible for the cloud service. So, when a referring doctor needs a progress report that’s coming from other specialists, he or she can get the details faster if they have cloud-based EHR.

Regardless of large files of X-Ray or CT scan, you’ll be able to share the details with other doctors from your office instantly. It’s which that not possible without having the internet and cloud-based solution of EHR.

Getting Back Up to Face Disaster

This is the great thing attracts the most users that this solution comes with a disaster recovery option. The disaster may happen in many ways. For example, it may happen due to illicit vandalism at your workplace that can damage your total system. Or, it could be a natural disaster that can damage and prevent you from using your patients’ data.

But, when you have all data on the secure cloud storage that’s a secure place and you can use it throughout your PC, laptop, and even your smartphone. So, it’s not an issue if you lose your entire system because you have back in the Cloud.


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