When you get down while skiing or snowboarding, you may hear whisperings. This is called ‘Snow Blindness’. The moment is painful when the issue happens suddenly that effect on your eyes. And it keeps a moisten layer on a grand snow season.

If you’re unconfident they’ll do the trick, ask the opticians to ensure your current glasses. Remaining safe is better than being sorry. Also, most opticians are likely to do it for free of cost.

When you purchase glasses plus goggles, run a look for ‘snow blindness’ that will show you any anecdotes can help tell your buy. No matter you wear Patagonia fleece sale or some other good wears; you can check the reviews or labels to know the snow blindness.

You always should avoid going for snowboarding without glasses to prevent snow blindness. Research at least for a while about related topics like snowboard jacket sale. Thus, there are some more things that you can do to prevent the issue, let’s know them below:

Details About Snow Blindness

The name of the issue is photokeratitis in terms of medicine. Indeed, it doesn’t happen due to snow. But, the issue usually happens when riders find white and reflective snow around on the mountain.

Since it really includes a sunburned facade of someone’s eye because of UV rays, it can make temporary blindness along with a hard burning sensation. It’s is the same risk for the skiers of burning out while they’re on the snowy mountain where increases the altitude with the sun’s power.

Also, these rays reflect more than 80% of the snow that makes the issue of snow blindness. It comes with almost the same symptoms that happen due to sunburn.

This one includes new things of the burning pain, grit feeling in your eyes, lighting sensitivity, and watering. Also, it may make your red eyes, swelling, and headaches.

Treatment of Snow Blindness

Fortunately, the issue of snow blindness goes away it’s own like sunburn. But, there are some different ways to cure its pain and get things simpler. So, let’s know some ways to prevent the issue: If you have contact lenses, remove them.

It’s because they’ll just make eyes irritating until it heals. You should avoid going outside and wear sunglasses until it heals. You can consult with a doctor to use eye drops to keep eye moisture and pain killer.

Use a damp and cool cloth on the closed eyes that will avail you soothing sensation. Don’t touch or rub your eyes because it’ll make the issue longer to heal.

Preventing The Issue

It’s easy to prevent the issue of snow blindness. Sunglasses are the best go-to solution so far. Ensure they have made well because you have to block 100% rays of the sun. If you previously wear glasses then you can use photochromic lenses.

So, you don’t need to risk contact with sunlight while swapping between dark and normal glasses. Also, keep in mind gloomy days can’t avoid the UV rays of the sun.

This is why it’s a great idea to attach to wearing sunglasses during the season. Also, you can try wraparound styles or glacier glasses.


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