All of us have been guilty of scrolling the World Wide Web, searching for the best look that we want to resonate with ourselves. Mostly, nowadays people use the internet more for the inspiration of fashion and style.

If you are one of them, you have most likely come to the right place. Before searching for “full service salon near me,” read this quick blog to get an idea about which of these classic hairstyles suits you best!

The Pompadour

This style was originated in the 1950s. Since then, it has been the most popular style used by men all over the world. It is also popular because it was the signature hairstyle of the famous rock and roll star Elvis Presley. This style then grew into the other versions of Pompadour. Nowadays, it is used as an everyday style for men.

The Quiff

The quaff is the less polished version of the Pompadour. It is best suited for men of various ages, colors, and face shapes. However, this style does not go with the men who have receding hairlines as it exposes the forehead. Before cutting your hair, choose which one of classic or the contemporary style suits you best.

The Undercut

One of the most common hairstyles is Undercut. The trend emerged during the Edwardian era, from the 1920s to 1940s, and has also become a widespread fashion sense for men since 2010.

The Curly Hairstyle

Wavy mane and natural long curls have always been known as an enticing idea, which is not shocking that it can never go out of style. As per the name, you have already understood that it is best suited for men with curly hair. Do you remember the hairstyle of “Jon Snow” from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”? Yeah, that’s the curly hairstyle.

The Slicked Back

Specifically, this haircut is designed to have the hair swept and brushed to the back of the head with hair products’ assistance to hold the hair in place without any clip. It makes men look very dapper-looking and very classy.

The Slicked & Side Parted

This one is almost similar to the slicked back hairstyle, except on the side there is a given parting. Achieving this hairstyle makes you look professional, clean, and very well-groomed. It is the most noticeable look that every man would look for when they attend social activities such as business parties and so on, as it boosts confidence in men.

The Textured Cut with Fringe

First things first, before booking a hairstyle for a look like this, you’re going to need a fair deal of length in your hair. It is also worth noting that this textured look fits well on dense rather than delicate hair, and so this is not the style for you if your hairline is receding. A textured hairstyle helps your hair achieve a modern look with messy, but still easy to maintain, cropped features. You need to dry your hair before giving it a texture style availing one of the best hair salon services near your location, but it should not look too groomed.


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