Crystals are ubiquitous in different parts of the world. Though you can buy crystals onlinethere are many places for mining gems. Gem hoarders chose U.S.A, India, South Africa, and Colombia as prominent places for mining crystals. Across the U.S.A, there are many mining sites where you can find diamonds, emeralds, and other crystals. These crystals are used for healing and different kinds of stuff.

So, it’s time to grab your mining gear and head to one of these prominent destinations. But before going to any of these sites, please make sure of their time of operation and guidelines. Here are the top 6 places where you can find the best crystals.

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#1. Emerald Hollow Mine, North Carolina

This mine is located in Hiddenite, North Carolina. It is only an hour’s drive from Winston-Salem. Additionally, it is the only emerald mine in the U.S.A that is open for public mining. This area is mainly known for hiddenite. Also, you can find sapphires, topaz, garnet, amethysts, etc., here. 

You can mine here in three ways. Sluicing, digging and creaking. You can bucket soils to find crystals. These are adventurous ways to get your precious crystals. A lucky explorer once found a 310-carat gem.

#2. Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

This mine is situated in North America. Underneath it is the world’s eighth-largest diamond-bearing crater. Over time, hundreds of notable jewels like white, brown, and yellow diamonds were found on this property. The largest diamond here was found in 1924, which was around 40 carats.

The entry fee in this area is $10 per person. You can search the place and dig for crystals. Digging deep holes strategically can give you better chances of finding crystals.

#3. Jade Cove, California

Unlike the first to destinations, Jade cove is not commercialized. It is situated in the Big Sur area of California. This place is steep and potentially dangerous. There are some rules and regulations which restrict crystal recovery. Nevertheless, none of these problems has stopped local and tourist jade collectors from coming here.

Jade crystals come in different colors. Such as red, green, blue, black, or brown. Also, these crystals are immune to scratches.

#4. Graves Mountain, Georgia

This mountain was first mined in the 1920s. Now, this crystal-rich mountain is only available for digs by Georgia mineral society members. But, from April to October, this place is opened by the caretaker to the public for three days. 

You can find here crystals like pyrite, quartz, blue quartz, iridescent hematite, etc. This place is free to enter.

#5. Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine, North Carolina

A rare type of gem known as pigeon-blood ruby can be found here. This stone is more valuable than your average crystal. 

Regardless of the name, there are also regular rubies here. You can also find sapphires, quartz, smoky quartz, moonstones, and more. The ways of digging here are different. You can search here with buckets of soil, unlike actually digging into the earth. This mine remains closed from November to May. Lastly, the entry fee of each person is $25.  


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