A portable or handheld vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum appliance that is smaller than traditional vacuum cleaners and can be carried easily. It works great for sucking up dust or sand particles, furs, hair, mites, etc. The comparison of efficiency for both the traditional and portable vacuum is still debatable; however, portable vacuums have their fair share of advantages. Today we will be talking about those in this article. If you still haven’t got a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to buy a new vacuum cleaner because you will need this sooner or later.

1. You Can Take Them Anywhere

Most portable vacuums are smaller and compact sized, which means you can take it with you while traveling. Not only that, you can easily store them on a shelf or in a closet, pantry, drawer, or any smaller spaced area. Believe it or not, bigger vacuums are a hassle! You need to attach the fittings, drag from one place to another, clean the fittings, and what not! Especially if you live in a smaller house like apartments, dorms, etc., a bigger sized vac won’t be the best choice. The ultimate benefit of compact-sized vacs is that they make cleaning tougher areas easy; just point and apply the suction.

2. They Are Lightweight

Portable vacuum cleaners generally don’t have much weight. They mostly weigh less than 10 pounds. Because they are small in size, they are typically pretty lightweight. This makes it easy to carry the vac around the house for a quick vacuuming session without making your arms hurt. And because of its weightless property, the risk of falling or any accidents is lesser compared to the traditional ones. Portable vacs are suitable for older adults as the heavier equipment may cause strain. So, you can buy a vacuum cleaner which is portable to you.

3. You Can Clean Every Corner of Your House

One property of handheld vacuum cleaners that is quite palpable is that, as the apparatus is smaller, the suction precision is narrower. This means that with narrower precision, you get to induce more suction pressure, and thus smaller vacuum can suck up the finest dust or dirt, unlike the big old traditional vacs. Also, heavy vacuum cleaners are more likely to scratch the surface of your wooden floor, which is why a handheld tool is much more suitable for grooming purposes. You can clean every nooks and cranny using a smaller vac than the bigger ones, and you don’t even need to buy additional attachments to get the job done.

4. They Are Versatile

Yes, they are! With a portable vacuum with adjustable air pressure settings, you can not only make your floor and bedding dust-free but also find lost items like coins, rhinestones, keys, rings, etc. You can attach a narrow-end nozzle with the vacuum to dust off your car seats and floor. Keep those pesky pollens and mites away from giving you allergies. Are cobwebs ruining the aesthetic of your house? Ward them off with a soft-tip brush tool attachment on the cleaner. The roles of a single vac are endless.


A handheld vacuum is best if you are a student because the price range is very flexible. You can easily get them for under $100 with or without additional attachments.


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