1. Training Your Staff

First and foremost, thing is to train your staff as per your requirements. Training part should be molded as per the experience of your staff members but there should be a training process included in the hiring of every member of your staff. The introductory training should include a proper orientation program covering how all the working has been done, how you follow orders and all other necessary points.

2. Trust Your Staff

Being a catering business owner, you need to make sure your staff is happy while working with you as their happiness leads to happy customers. This is why it is also recommended that one should always opt for the work which they can do happily without any pressure as this gives better and satisfactory results. So yes, you need to assure your staff’s happiness by giving them free hand to work on their own and trust in their capabilities. The more you give them ground to play, the more satisfactory results you will get.

3. Evaluate Their Performance

Use designated Event management and catering software to evaluate their performance and show their strong or weak points to improve their performance. Also, set some rewards as increments or bonuses for the employees having good evaluation reports and arrange a small award ceremony to celebrate their good working. This will keep your staff motivated to even perform better plus the employees having some weak points will also get the motivation to work harder to achieve some rewards in the next evaluation.

4. Treat Your Staff

Apart from evaluation reports and ceremonies, you should also treat your staff from time to time to show them their importance in your team. They should know that they matter and their work makes difference to the successful business. This should happen whenever you get some good feedback from your customers or they mention great the services provided by your staff. Also, you can mention some particular staff member in a weekly meeting to applaud for their working and motivate them to work harder.

5. Assure Effective Communication System

No matter how much you keep a positive work environment, there are always some issues revolving around to make things worse. This factor is noticeable in the catering business which requires very effective communication system as it involves day to day consumer dealings. You can manage this part also through your event management software by assuring everything is being followed as per the planned activities.

6. Focus on Customer Service

Trust me this factor is a key to the success of your catering business.  You need to keep a very strict eye on frontline staff which is involved in direct dealings with customers as they are the ones driving your business for customers. This part of your staff also requires extensive training during their hiring process plus more frequent evaluations than other members. Also, you need to involve yourself in the day to day communication with customer services staff so that no sensitive part can be missed from your end and your customers are all happy and satisfied in the end.


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